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Sales Administrator Manager

The Sales Administrator Manager is responsible for managing the sales team as well as ensuring overall product availability and visibility in all outlets regionally through usage of analytical data collected; while generating a comprehensive report of the same.

Responsibilities (Functions and duties

Sales Activities

  1. Hitting sales target as per set Company targets

  2. Track outlets’ history against orders placed, payment status, stock levels, product movement and availability, order cycle time and holding capacity.

  3. In coordination with the Sales Manager, ensure that all outlets are familiar with their operating parameters including credit terms to ensure prompt facilitation of collections

  4. Track service history for improved customer service from order placement to delivery across the market regions

  5. Establish minimum order quantities and minimum available quantity to reduce OOS to the maximum standard

  6. Assist in optimizing investment in trade promotional activity growth of more profitable accounts, control of selling, administration costs and other approved accounts such as rebates, discounts, merchandising fees, advertising allowances etc

  7. Risk management through audits of client accounts and confirming ability to buy, retention strategies and opportunities for brand exposure

  8. New business development: including HORECAS, NGOs, Key Accounts, Supermarkets, General Trade, Distributors etc

  9. Manage outlet stock-outs

  10. Work closely with other departments and cross functional teams to review progress, resolve issues and ensure high level of customer satisfaction during sales engagement

  11. Ensure that outlets stock across the range of Products

  12. Monitor regional and Category Sales trends and spearhead action plans geared towards growth of the same


  1. Coordinating sales and merchandising activities and monitoring performance of the sales team. This is achieved by tracking and assessing sales and merchandising output; and providing periodic performance reviews for management review

  2. Ensuring route plan schedules are properly effected and periodically assess, monitor, and evaluate route plans.

  3. Training: educating sales team about FMCG sales process and tools in line with company SOP.Develop sales training materials, coordinate training initiatives and delivery for sales teams as well as motivating the team and recommend strategies to address areas of weakness

  4. Meet the upcountry representatives monthly; with minutes maintained for each session

  5. Meet the Nairobi representatives weekly; with minutes maintained for each session

  6. Conduct price check audits and ensure that all customers are compliant with the set RRP; per customer segment

  7. Product training for all new members of staff; with a passmark of 85% attained on product knowledge

  8. Measure and manage the returns being received as per customer. Working to ensure that there is proper handling of goods always to minimize the return rate in collaboration with the quality department

  9. Ensure compliance to set planogram

  10. Review worksheets on a weekly basis against route plans and Whatsapp reports and highlight variances and/or deviations noted for accountability purposes

  11. Coordinate with the operations department to ensure deliveries are done within 48 hours of receiving the order and improve the delivery timelines through creating a delivery schedule for both Nairobi, environs, and upcountry.

  12. Verify and ascertain that account opening and institutions’ on-boarding is properly done by ensuring that all required documentation is available and filled per the set criteria

  13. Ensure that there are no short expiries or expired products in any of the outlets and further track the progress of the products to mitigate losses by coordinating with the Team Leaders to ensure that the processing timelines are adhered to

Reporting and Analysis

  1. Submition of weekly reports every Monday, monthly sales reports submitted every 2ndbusiness day of subsequent month.

  2. Daily reporting of sales against target by value and units to management and team

  3. Preparing daily Stock-Out Reports for both upcountry and Nairobi regions

  4. Pictorial evidence/reports of work achieved

  5. Track competitor activity across the region in respect to promotions, price cuts, give always, new product introduction; and timely communicate new market intelligence to Management

  6. Preparing weekly reports for management every Monday

  7. Monthly report due every 1st business day of the month

  8. Collate trade data across the market regions as reported on a weekly basis and generate analysis accordingly as per the product categories


  1. Degree/ Diploma in sales management & marketing/ business management or relevant field.

  2. Must have a minimum of 3 years experience in a similar role.

  3. Experience in the FMCG will be an added advantage.

  4. Thorough knowledge of the Kenyan market; on both key accounts and general trade

  5. Experience in managing Distributors and stockists

  6. Advanced Computer proficiency and analytical skills

  7. Statistics courses taken/experience is preferred

Behavioural Competencies

  1. Meticulous attention to detail

  2. Strong time management skills

  3. Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.

  4. Critical thinking, evaluation skills and analytical questioning

  5. Planning, coordinating and organizing skills.

  6. Result oriented

  7. Able to generate innovative ideas to capitalize on new markets

  8. Strong interpersonal and leadership skills

  9. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  10. Ability to multitask and prioritize work

  11. Professional and mature

  12. A team Player

  13. Strong negotiation skills

  14. Flexibility on travelling and ability to perform duties beyond regular work hours

  15. Strong religious background

  16. High level of Self motivation

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