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Sale Coordinator

The Sales Coordinator will be responsible for achieving the gym sales target. He / She will be required to ensure the sales team as successful as a team and achieve the monthly set target. Reporting to the General Manager


  1. Be accountable for gym overall sales and achieving sales forecast on a monthly basis.

  2. Conduct the daily 10min meeting with the sales team each day

  3. Assist the general Manager in creating the start plan / monthly marketing plan for the club.

  4. Work with the marketing strategies and initiatives throughout the gym; whilst liaising with all other departments

  5. Monitor and track all sales results and activity levels on a daily basis, using the correct procedure and systems.

  6. Attending the daily Meeting with the GM and present daily feedback on sales.

Skills / Experience / Qualifications:

  1. Must have a good natural sales and leadership ability

  2. Must have advanced people and communication skills

  3. Must be proficient with figures and basic calculations

  4. A basic understanding or instinct towards customer needs is required

  5. A good understanding of basic marketing methods is also required, along with a knowledge of media within the gym locality

  6. An ability to plan daily structures in order to maximize the ideal selling times and to maintain a weekly action plan is necessary

  7. A good knowledge of the locality surrounding the gym, both residential and commercial, will be invaluable in this role

Personal Attributes

  1. Good communicator with a healthy competitive team spirit

  2. Optimistic and enthusiastic personality

  3. Confident

  4. Self-starter who consistently takes the initiative in problem solving

  5. Committed and loyal

  6. Able to read situations and people quickly

  7. Well organized

  8. Good attention to detail and follow-up

  9. An impressive professional attitude and presentation at all times.

To apply for this position, send a cover letter and CV to Caroleann.Muranga@hallmarkrecruitment.com

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